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As founders of GenCorp, William and Kathy Salvador have always believed that the key to success is to share It. Their desire Their work through out the year has opened doors of opportunities for other people. With Success in mind, they have turned GenCorp as one of the leading competitor s in the industry. With an eye for growth, they are  also turning GenCorp into one of the most diverse service companies allowing GenCorp to service any customer in any industry.

Our Company: It has always been and it will always be about the customer, our company’s success has depended on the quality of the service, we provide each customer.

Our Partners: Gencorp has teamed up with some of the most successful companies in the industry to prove each customer with a diversity of services, prices and quality.

Our Customers: When we service our customers, with think “Opportunity!” the opportunity to make a difference in any way possible.

Our Mission: To create value in our company, to be committed to quality service, quality products and quality people.

Our Franchises: Our Franchises are trained and certified to provide customers with a service that stands out from the competition.

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